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Marina di S. Elmo - Alghero, Sardinia

Marina di S. Elmo

Marina Di S. Elmo is a harbor complex located at the southern end of the Port of Alghero, with wharfs situated below the walls of the old city.

Marina di S.Elmo - Harbor at the Port of Alghero © Marina di S.Elmo

Marina di S. Elmo lets you make the most of your boat, allowing you to enjoy all your available space thanks to its jetties which extend up to 70 meters in length.

Since 2012 Marina di Sant'Elmo is the only Marina in the port of Alghero to be able to moor boats until 70 meters. The same is also the only regional state-owned Marina to have concessions specific to moor safely requested from the major insurance companies. All this thanks to our location and then our evolutionary space required by the competent authorities are accordant.
An automatic, code-activated terminal will ensure that you are provided with a regular supply of electricity and water. The 24/7 surveillance service not only provides you with reliable security but also guarantees privacy and discretion both day and night.
Indeed, Marina di S. Elmo is designed to ensure that the boats moored in the marina all benefit from its no-compromise privacy policy. That said, the Marina also implements an open-door policy allowing visitors to stroll along Alghero's stylish harbour, enjoying the traditional "passeggiata" as they have been doing for years.
The Marina also operates an environmentally friendly policy of differentiated waste collection of exhaust oils, naphtha and solid waste, helping to combat pollution and any other potential threats to the port.

Marina di S.Elmo - Harbor at the Port of Alghero © Marina di S.Elmo You and your crew can count on the constant availability of our staff, who have the experience to cater to all your requirements.
The Marina is very customer-focused and endeavours to ensure that you receive a warm, courteous welcome and enjoy an efficient, professional service from our personnel, both when at sea and when on land.

Marina di S. Elmo delivers five-star services within a prestigious, upscale tourist port complex.

Sardinia Marinas

Marina Di S. Elmo is a member
of Sardinia Port Network


The harbor area offers 100 jetties for yachts measuring up to 70m in length with a draft of up to 4.8m.
Yachts may be moored prow-first or stern-first, and the anchor line is provided by ropes attached to the floating piers. Access to the floating piers is controlled by a locked gate, and a security service is operational throughout the night. During the day, the dock office staff will be happy to provide assistance with docking maneuvers.


The Alghero Sailing Club hosts a small shipyard, where specialist technicians and engineers can carry out regular maintenance work. Experienced craftsmen, engine mechanics, panel beaters, electronic technicians and sail makers are available throughout the year.
Marina di S.Elmo - Harbor at the Port of Alghero © Marina di S.Elmo

Communications and other services

A VHF radio station, installed at the Marina di S. Elmo Offices is constantly available to guarantee expert assistance in any situation that may arise. In addition, office services (including telephone, fax and internet) are also on hand, as are gas and fuel supplies, an on-board shopping service and a laundry service.